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Who is Mrs. Cottontail ?

Christi Eley


Christi Eley, Mrs. Cottontail

Christi developed a deep love for animals as a child inspired by the bunny she and her grandfather rescued and raised together. It was her dream to grow up and do something with bunnies and she did with her successful local ministry Mrs. Cottontail and Friends.  She has been working with children, families and the elderly for the past 25 years spreading joy and love through her educational bunny programs.  This work has deepened her faith and opened her eyes to the most important things in life.  Her desire is to teach people to slow down,  connect deeply with animals while drawing closer to God.  She has been married to Mark her high school sweetheart for 35 years.  They have two beautiful daughters, who they homeschooled.  She has a menagerie of pets, including her fluffle (group) of 6 adorable bunnies including the one and only Mr. Flopsy!  

See her with her first rabbit, Candy at the age of 10 in the picture here!


Christi Eley is also a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor with 25 years of experience.  She was trained by YogaKids, YogaEd, Itsy Bitsy Yoga and Infant Massage.

She developed her own program and is the Founder of Angel Bear Yoga.  This is an innovative children’s yoga program focusing on positive character traits and nature.  She developed a line of Angel Bear Yoga products for parents and teachers.  She trained over 300 instructors in over 20 countries.  She did local and national workshops for NAEYC, Head Start and Montessori.

While doing her Mrs. Cottontail and Friends ministry and combining her yoga experience, she has brought everything to together to create Mr. Flopsy Whispers from God – a children’s Christian meditative program.  She has found that the unconditional love of an animal can teach us many things, including finding stillness and learning to hear the daily whispers from God.

While doing her Mrs. Cottontail and Friends ministry

Christi likes to describe her work with rabbits as “Anam Cara,” which is deeply rooted in Celtic Christianity and means “soul friend and teacher.”  The rabbits have been soul friends and teachers to Christi since she was a young girl, helping her navigate through many different times in her life.  They have surrounded her with unconditional love and a connection to God.  The rabbits carried on this Anam Cara role with her own children and then ultimately with the work she has done with Mrs. Cottontail and Friends. 

While working with children with special needs and behavioral issues, adults with loneliness and life challenges, and the elderly during their final days, the rabbits have been a constant companion – Anam Cara – a soul friend to all who spend time with them.  In these moments, rabbits teach us how to slow down and listen to hear the

Whispers from God.

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