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Anam Cara Healing


Healing from rabbits is like an ancient Celtic saying called “Anam Cara” meaning soul friend and teacher. Anam Cara is someone or something that touches your heart. The unconditional love from animals allows us to have a heart to heart connection.  In this safe place, we feel joy, love and peace.  It is our wish for you to experience this with rabbits – each person is touched in their own unique and surprising ways!

Bunnies = Healing


“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
Winnie the Pooh

Anam Cara Healing Visits


With Therapeutic Animals (Rabbits) and Guided Imagery


Animals (rabbits) very often take on the role of a soul friend.  In the Celtic Christianity tradition, this was called an Anam Cara. As Mrs. Cottontail has traveled all over the Triad, she has seen time and time again the healing properties the rabbits bring to many people.  Combining these therapeutic animal visits with beautiful guided imagery, Mrs. Cottontail weaves her extensive knowledge of  yoga practices for an ultimate sense of calm, healing and peace around any situation.  The rabbits teach us all how to be still, calm and listen to the whispers of our heart, then we will find where God dwells.


Who may need an Anam Cara Healing Visit:


  • Anyone!  Any Age can Benefit – Child, Teen, Adult, Senior – each person will benefit                                         and find comfort in the experience.                                                                        

  • Challenging Life Situation/Sickness - Any one struggling with a challenge in their life.          We can customize the guided imagery reflections around their individual situation.             

  • End of Life –  Mrs. Cottontail has worked extensively with people at the end of life.  The healing properties of the rabbits during this time is undeniable.


  • Surprise Cottontails & Cuddles Visit - Anyone who wants to surprise a loved one with a special visit – showing their appreciation to their own Anam Cara (soul friend).


7 Guided Imagery Exercises for Healing:


  • Entering the Peaceful Garden – Practicing Being Still

  • Bridge of Dreams – Practicing leaving our problems behind.

  • Breaths & Serenade – Practicing healing breathing exercises along with listening.

  • In the Moonlight – Practicing positive visualizations for any situation in our lives.

  • Meadow of Gratitude – Practicing gratitude.

  • Flower Blessings – Practicing being a blessing to others.

  • In the Burrow - Practicing Relaxation Skills

Please contact us, so we can discuss how to bring an Anam Cara Healing Visit to you!

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."
The Wizard of Oz 

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