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Want a Special Treat?

Come t​o the Bunny Burr​ow!


Keep Calm & Love Bunnies


Bunny Burrow

Cottontails and Cuddles

In the hussel and bussel of daily life, everyone needs a place to slow down and be still.  

That’s what the Bunny Burrow if for!

Spend an hour with Mrs. Cottontail’s Fluffle – four adorable bunnies that love to cuddle!

From the time you walk into the Burrow, you will be greeted by a beautiful tranquil atmosphere with soft lights, calming music, darling bunny décor all around, and one-on-one time with real adorable bunnies.  Some like to sit in your lap, others like to be wrapped in a blanket and cuddled like a baby, others like to sit in a unique antique bunny carriage.  

In this therapeutic and relaxing experience, you leave all your worries, troubles, anxieties at the door and connect deeply with one of God’s precious creations.   

Perfect for all ages – children, adolescents, adults and seniors!  We will customize the experience based on your needs – contact us for more details!


Who Comes to the Bunny Burrow?

All Ages!


  • Cottontails and Cuddles – All ages love getting away from their busy lives and spending an hour cuddling adorable bunnies!  They are amazed at the calm, joy and love they feel while they pet, hold and take adorable pictures with these new friends!


  • Cottontail Playdates – Children love coming to the Bunny Burrow for a play date with adorable bunny friends!  They will get to pet, hold, play and do a craft! Parents and/or grandparents enjoy these play dates as much as the children! It's nice to be able to experience a family activity where everyone is having fun!


  • Cottontail Birthday Celebration – All ages love celebrating their birthday with a few      close people and adorable bunnies!  We can customize your birthday experience to make it extra special and meaningful.

  • Cottontail Surprises - Surprise your loved one with a visit to the Bunny Burrow. They will not only be surprised, but it will touch their heart and make lasting memories. 

sleeping bunny2.png


sleeping bunny.png

* If your child has special needs or needs help with anxiety/stress, we also offer calming techniques with Calm Cottontail Breathing and Meditation, so please ask about this and we can incorporate these techniques into the visit. The bunnies have a very calming effect on children and adults, so we have had excellent results with this.


Mrs. Cottontail is a certified yoga instructor with over 25 years of experience.


* Time are flexible - we offer morning, afternoon or evening hours.

* Conveniently located in Winston-Salem.

* Call or message to set up your special time with the bunnies!

"Even the smallest one can change the world."
Peter Rabbit

Bunny in the Garden

“My children have been enjoying Mrs. Cottontail for the past 10 years! She has watched our children grow and has blessed them with wonderful memories from all of her friends at the bunny burrow through Mrs. Cottontail! She has done multiple birthday parties for us and has been a special guest at many events throughout the years. We consider Mrs Cottontail a part of our family! Visiting the bunny burrow is definitely the highlight of all the events that she’s been in because of the one on one attention that she provided our family and made our daughter feel so incredibly special on her birthday! Even as my children get older, they still request to go visit the bunny burrow and Mrs Cottontail to spend time with her special friends! Mrs. Cottontail doesn’t only let them enjoy the company of the bunnies but teaches them valuable life lessons like sharing, self-worth, confidence, and being the best you that you can be!”

- Jayme Daulton, Mother of Three

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