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Anam Cara Memoir

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Anam Cara Memoir book COMING SOON!
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Christi Eley has been sharing her Anam Cara (“soul friend”) rabbits for many years with people in her local community. She has visited many senior living facilities and has many stories to share!  One very special encounter is shared in Adios – a personal memoir story of Christi Eley visiting a retired Marine Colonel during his final days.  It is a real life unfolding of an Anam Cara “soul friend,” which in the Celtic Christianity tradition represented someone that would sit with you, deeply listen and be guide through life's transitions.  Who started off as a routine visit with someone that was very nonresponsive, unfolded into a life changing experience that created a real heart to heart connection.  It's a story that needs to be told, so we can all experience an Anam Cara in our every day lives.  There won't be a dry eye while reading it, while reading how the rabbits open doors to trusting, meaningful communication and souls connecting to create sacred moments. Our wish for you is that you can also create these moments in your our lives by connecting to your own Anam Cara or being an Anam Cara to someone else.  We have journaling exercises at the back of the memoir to help you uncover this in your own life.
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