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Mrs. Cottontail and Friends 

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Series: Mrs. Cottontail and Friends Presents

Mr. Flopsy  Whispers from God,  The Lesson of Being Still​

Mr. Flopsy Whispers from God is an early reader storybook that shares the simple message and guidance from a pet bunny to help your child find stillness and peace. By connecting with animals, children learn to see and hear God’s love and feel secure as they learn to be quiet, patient, brave and trusting.

Written in a rhythmic bouncy script, Mr. Flopsy Whispers from God: A Lesson on Being Still provides a platform for your child to begin their own relationship with God and is reaffirmed by the gentle words and affirmations of God’s love through the Bible verse “Be still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Join Mr. Flopsy on this heartwarming adventure that will inspire your child for a lifetime! 

Books for Your Little Ones

The first book in the series - 

Mr. Flopsy Whispers from God  

A Lesson on Being Still

Mrs. Cottontail and Friends

Mr. Flopsy Workbook

This workbook can be used for:

• Birthday Parties

• Play Dates

• Sleepovers

• Homeschool Programs

• Preschools

• Sunday Schools

• Easter Events

Outline of Workbook:

• Bunny Trivia

• Younger Children (3-7)

• Older Children (8 and up)

• Bunny Crafts

• Bunny Bead Bracelets

• Clay Bunnies

• Bunny Games

• Pass the Carrot

• Dance Party

• Blessing Activities

• Bunny Blessings

• Psalm 46:10

• Food Ideas

• Decorating Ideas

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